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Professional global network


Genius lamp Partners

Genius lamps have a global network of professionals (manufacturers, importers, distributors, retailers) who trust us and contribute on a large scale to the promotion and the notoriety of Genius lamps.

Genius warranty: an additional protection

In order to satisfy our customers, who are increasingly demanding and aware of the technical reliability of the product we offer, we decided to extend the warranty of Genius lamps to 5 months. We are committed, to replace and return as soon as possible any lamp that presents a manufacturing defect.

And the Projector warranty?

Using a Genius lamp will not affect the warranty of the projector. Certainly, manufacturers of projector encourage the use of bulbs which come from their subcontractors .However, the consumer loses because there are alternatives of the same quality and much cheaper.

According to the European Directive 93/13 EEC of the Council of 5 April 1993 and Law 1995/1996 of 1 February 1995, cancelling a warranty when the replacement parts used are not those of the original manufacturer is prohibited. If you install a Genius lamp in your projector, the warranty of your projector will not be challenged. This law exists also in the United States, Canada or Asia.

Thus replacing the lamp of your projector lamp with a Genius lamp doesn’t cancel the warranty of the projector.


We respect European directives on recycling projector lamps. Partner with the eco-organization Récylum, which specializing in the recycling of used lamps; we want to intensify our efforts to protect the environment by adhering to the “Collectors lamps” Charter.

Our used lamps are recovered by this organization and recycled in order to give a second life to materials of projector lamps.