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Our lamps are
100% certified

Genius VS Copy

Say no to copy lamps or counterfeit lamps!

Genius works very closely with global projector manufacturers in order to produce lamps, which will be perfectly adapted in terms of quality (lifetime, colorimetry, light) and which will respect European safety norms.

Counterfeit lamps are an illegal copy of original projector lamps. In addition to violating the intellectual property of OEMs, the lamp doesn’t respect any manufacturing and security standard imposed by the projector lamp manufacturers. Their production is not subject to any license and any patent. These are counterfeit products.

What are the risks for users of counterfeit lamps?

Using a counterfeit lamp can very risky. Firstly, a risk for your health and safety. Copy or counterfeit lamps, which don’t respect any international manufacturing standard, can explode inside your projector, damage and release particles of mercury, which are carcinogens.

Economic risk: by buying a counterfeit projector lamp, you are a victim of fraud. You pay a lot for a counterfeit product with lower quality at the price of an original or certified lamp.

No Warranty: in addition to the lack of reliability of the lamp, there is any warranty.

How to recognize a counterfeit projector lamp?

Copy Lamps or counterfeits have a performance significantly lower in brightness, colorimetry, lifetime and strength.